A Time for the Church to Act!

In today’s environment when so many of the politicians are either cowards or just plain white nationalist themselves, the Christian Church needs to stop being complicit with the politics that’s destroying the soul of America.  In simple lay terms, it is time for the church to take action.  How can we, who proclaim to be servants of the Living God, remain so inactive on the sidelines of America and not take action against the corrupt politics that’s fueling the violence created by guns, racism and white supremacy?

 I’m concerned that we have become so desensitized to all of the deaths by guns that we just move on and wait for the next act of gun violence to occur.  I am especially concerned about the lack of action within the church or houses of faith.  How many faith leaders have missed many opportunities to even discuss gun violence with their congregations? Considering all of this, the time has arrived now for the faith community to go beyond discussion and take action.   

 Behind closed doors, people of faith will come together and discuss the issues, but how many are willing to stand upon their faith and take action beyond the rhetoric?  We are in a spiritual warfare and if we expect to gain victory, then our rhetoric must turn into action.  There even comes a time when our prayers must be coupled with action. 1st John 3:18 says,” Let us not love with words of tongue but with actions and in truth.”  James, asked the question, “What good is my brother if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds (action)?

 Sadly, the conservative right wing and some white evangelicals perceive themselves to be in a war against socialism, abortion, gays, and people of color, liberal bias reporting and attacks on their 2nd Amendment rights.  They see themselves as the persecuted, so they cowardly cling to guns and an amoral president that will sign off on unscrupulous judges that will uphold their right wing ideology or white-washed theology that purport’s that God is pleased with their racist and white nationalist ways.  In other words, a theology that sees God as being pleased with their mistreatment of people of color, economics that enrich the rich upon the backs of poor and senseless gun laws that are allowing the proliferation of weapons for mass destruction.

 I truly believe that some evangelicals have taken their eyes off of God and consequently has lost their way.  It is the only thing that make sense when it seems as though their hearts are not pricked by the sight of mass murders that have been carried out by evil people with AK- style weapons.  It is the only thing that explains their lack of empathy for policies that separate families at the border, fuels poverty and create racial and economic divide within the country. 

 They tend to view it all as casualties of their war to protect America from those that view America through a different prism. They hide behind their rhetoric against abortion and gays as though they are the only two sins in the Bible and joined ranks with a self- indulging commander-in-chief that would rather lie than tell the truth.  Have their souls sank into such a dark place that they are willing to follow a leader with anti-God views?

 True believers of all colors that serve the True and Living God can no longer afford to sit silently by as if nothing ungodly is happening in America.  We are the ones that must protect this country from the ungodly theology and right wing ideology that’s supports white supremacy.

 All of our prayers and dialogue are good, but we must be reminded that the Bible demands action on our part, for 1st John 3:18 says, “Let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.” Our faith in God calls us to stand with conviction and courage and take action against the enemy.

Zena RayComment