The purpose of the Fine Arts Ministry is to provide cultural awareness to the church body and the Richmond area by sponsoring and hosting cultural events.


The Social Action Committee is representative of the ongoing fight for Civil Rights and Social Justice in this country, and uplift and educate throughout all of our endeavors, as Social Action is basic to ministry in African Methodism. 

The African Methodist Episcopal Church has a unique and glorious history. It rejected the negative theological interpretations which rendered persons of African descent second class citizens. The church was born in protest against slavery – against dehumanization of African people, brought to the American continent as labor.

The Social Action Committee continues to create a strong agenda for positive change.  We constantly reach out for new members to lend their gifts and talents to the pursuit of social advancement as we endeavor to bring about effective and lasting change within the community and beyond.

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The purpose of the Lay Organization is to organize and train the laity of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, so that each lay person may utilize the abilities and skills, granted by God, in assisting with the improvement and extension of God's kingdom, and creating happiness, peace, and harmony among its members.


Behind every good man, is a good woman. Well, how about a team of women? This ministry strives to support the pastor of the church through small acts of love and appreciation from the congregation throughout the year. Their main event of the year commences at the end of the conference year, where the women will organize a special appreciation ceremony in honor of the pastor.