Why Buy Nike?

After Nike launched its new ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick, it created a stir within Trump’s right leaning and misled base.  On social media, Trump’s base shared videos of shredding and burning Nike merchandise. Trump even tweeted “What was Nike thinking?” I’m sure that whatever Nike was thinking is far beyond anything that Trump is capable of comprehending.

 Trump has vilified Kaepernick for simply utilizing his First Amendment rights to bow during the playing of the national anthem; yet, this country that Trump pretends to love have to contend with his almost traitorous love for Russia, desires for despotism, as well as his attempts to defraud the country.  What was America thinking when it elected such an amoral and incapable leader?

Nike did not become a multi-billion dollar company by making rash decisions.  Maybe their decision had something to do with a trend that shows African Americans are 56% more likely to buy Nike shoes than White-Americans or maybe it has something to do with the fact that Nike’s consumer base is more diverse, younger, Democratic and apt to support a brand that will take a stand on social issues.  

Let the base of Donald J. Trump continue to waste their money by burning and shredding Nike’s merchandise.  I encourage African-Americans to use their buying power by purchasing Nike merchandise.  Why buy Nike?  Buy it because Nike stands for Colin Kaepernick’s right to protest the unjustified killing of African-Americans.  Nike stands for Colin Kaepernick’s patriotic and constitutional right to bow during the playing of the national anthem.

 Rev. Reuben J. Boyd Jr.