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Reverend Reuben J. Boyd Jr. Senior Pastor

Reverend Reuben J. Boyd Jr.
Senior Pastor


The Stewards are responsible for the spiritual and financial health of our church. This organization works hand-in-hand with the Pastor, the Trustee Board, Class Leaders, and all lay ministries to stay connected and engaged with the church's overall needs and well-being.


Charged with the preservation of the physical church edifice, the Trustee Board is a vital ministry to the church body. Watching over the aging of our beautiful 150 year old church, these dedicated members oversee the maintenance and upkeep of the church.


Class Leaders guide small-member group fellowships. They administer to the spiritual and physical needs of their class. They also serve as a link between the member and the Pastor.


The ladies of the Stewardess Board are the women of the church who have a passion and a committed soul to service. Appointed by the shepherd of the church, they faithfully discharge their duties by monthly preparing the pulpit, the communion elements, and dressing the altar relative to the Lord's Supper. In addition, these ladies assist in the baptism of God's people.