Reverend Reuben J. Boyd Jr. Senior Pastor

Reverend Reuben J. Boyd Jr.
Senior Pastor

Reverend Reuben J. Boyd, Jr. is a native of High Point, North Carolina. He is the son of the Reuben J. Boyd, Sr. and the late Reverend Earline R. Boyd. He and his wife, Sonja, are the parents of two children and grandparents of four. Reverend Boyd give esteemed honor to his wife as his partner in ministry.

Reverend Boyd is a veteran of the United States Navy. He is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Shaw University (Raleigh, NC) where he achieved a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Master of Divinity.

Reverend Boyd honed his skills as an entrepreneur when he co-founded and served as president of DBS Industrial Supplies Inc. During the successful tenure of this business, for 20 plus years, he successfully managed major sales accounts with customers such as Kraft Foods, Smith Glaxo Kline, Piedmont Natural Gas, Virginia Department of Corrections, R.J. Reynolds, and Flowers Bakeries.

 Due to the US economic decline in 2007, he closed DBS Industrial Supplies and started another company of a smaller size, Integrated Supply & Service (ISS).

However, of utmost importance to Reverend Boyd is his relationship with His Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Christ is first in his life, and he takes his call into ministry very seriously.

Reverend Boyd has served in ministry for 27 years. He was ordained and transferred from the Western North Carolina Conference to the Virginia Conference in May of 1990 due to the critical need for pastors in the Portsmouth-Roanoke region.

Revered Boyd began his duties as pastor, when he was appointed pastor of Bethel AME Church in Rocky Mouth, Virginia in May of 1990. He was the Shepherd of Bethel for 10 years. Prior to his leaving Bethel AME purchased new land and broke ground on that land. A beautiful, new Bethel AME Church building exists on the land today. When his pastoral assignment ended at Bethel, the church's treasure and financial accountability were in very good status.

 Revered Boyd was assigned to Mount Zion AME Church in Martinsville, Virginia in May of 2000. Again, he displayed his great leadership skills, passionate preaching of God's Holy Word; compassion, concern, and care for his members. Just as at Bethel-Rocky Mount, Reverend Boyd lead and completed projects of building restoration for continued beautification and modernization, including, incorporating technology into the church (i.e. computerized membership information and financial records). He ensured transparency by publishing and providing financial reports at each monthly church conference. Reverend Boyd ended his pastoral assignment at Mount Zion AME Church also in good financial standing and with no debt obligation.

On February 14,2013 Reverend Boyd was honored with the Living Legacy Award at the 2nd Episcopal District AME Church Founder's Day. This distinguished award "recognizes those unique women and men who have and continue to significantly bring change to our churches and communities. Through sacrifices of time, money and energy, they pour out finances, talent and physical resources for the uplift of humankind. The honorees often conduct their efforts quietly and feel no need to garner accolades or applause. Seeing a job needs to be done, they roll up their sleeves and stay on duty until the mission is completed. They work not to impress but to make an impact."

Revered Boyd was assigned as  pastor of Third Street Bethel AME Church in May of 2013 at the Virginia Annual Conference, Second Episcopal District, by Bishop William P. DeVeaux. Reverend Boyd's vision for Third Street Bethel is to transform the church into one of great love and fellowship toward one another with praise and worship to Almighty God at the forefront.

Reverend Boyd's mission is to extend beyond the "Walls of the Church" and spread the good news of the Gospel to those who have not come to Christ. Reverend Reuben J. Boyd, Jr. and Mrs. Sonja Boyd are loyal and committed to serving Jesus Christ to the fullest extent. Where God leads, they will follow.